Anne Louise Genest

(YK)  Singer-Songwriter

Born and raised in downtown Toronto, Anne Louise took flight from the urban landscape and landed on the marge of Lake Laberge in Canada's Yukon, where the brief but brightly lit  summers and long dark winters feed her already vivid imagination. Her initial musical education was of the kitchen table variety - Sunday afternoons spent in a log cabin in the  Yukon bush with a variety of Yukon eccentrics. Bitten by the musical bug, she pursued private  guitar and vocal studies and started writing her own songs. Her first professional musical venture was with the band "The Ladies' Auxiliary" (which included fellow Yukoner Kim  Barlow), who can be heard on Caribou Records' first label release "The  Yukon Collection."

When she is not making music, Anne Louise works in family violence prevention. She lives in  a cabin in the woods outside of Whitehorse with her partner Anthony, where they dream about  old-fashioned winters and running water.

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