City and Colour

Previously Performed in: 2017, 2011, 2007

City and Colour, the solo project and pseudo-namesake of songwriter Dallas Green, built a devoted following on the strength of Green’s emotive falsetto soaring over stripped down folk-rock and acoustic ballads. Things will be a bit different for his third Folk Fest appearance, though. Instead of the more intimate arrangements of his first few albums, Green will be bringing the revamped sound showcased on 2015’s If I Should Go Before You, a record that largely eschews the acoustic guitar for louder electric sounds, pop melodies with touches of R&B, and even psychedelic guitar. But while he’s embracing a more bombastic sound, longtime fans shouldn’t fear that Green has abandoned the steadfast modesty that endeared him to audiences eager to avoid the larger-than-life personas of rock stars past. This is still City and Colour; honesty and authenticity are still at its core. And while we’re sure to get a taste of his new sound on the island, the faithful can expect him to delve into the intricate folk rock that Green cut his teeth on when he first started his side project to post-hardcore Alexisonfire five albums ago.

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