Shelby Lynne

(USA)  Country

Lynne makes her intentions clear from the getgo. The first sounds you hear on Suit Yourself are the chatter between the artist and her cohorts as they get ready to lay down a take. "We know where we're going," she says, just before the band slams into "Go With It," a deep-grooved rocker that hits with the force of the Santa Anas in a mountain pass. From this invigorating beginning, the record burrows deep into Lynne's feelings and observations, audacious in their emotional nakedness, the music's seamlessness suggesting stream of consciousness. Songs like "Where Am I Now," "I Won't Die Alone," "Johnny Met June," "You Don't Have a Heart" and "Sleep" go right to the heart, and soul, of the matter.

 It takes courage to make a record as utterly unguarded as this one - courage and a whole heap of God-given talent. Lynne has both in spades.

From her website

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