Rae Spoon

Previously Performed in: 2012, 2004
(AB/QC)  Alt-Country, Folk

Once a prairie cowboy, Spoon wore Alberta roots on their pearl-snapped sleeves (Spoon prefers the gender-neutral “they”), brandishing an acoustic guitar, a beautifully warbly voice, and songs about whiskey, oil rigs and small-town Canada. After a foray to Berlin and a creative relationship with electronic artist Alexandre Decoupigny, electronica began edging into their music. Largely written in Germany, 2008’s Polaris Prize long-listed release superioryouareinferior, brought the former acoustic artist into the realm of textural, dreamy indie-pop and nightclub beats.

Two more albums released by Calgary label Saved By Radio both feature a soothing electronic vein running through, and Spoon has taken both into different thematic directions. 2010’s loveisahunter explores transgender identity and experiences, and 2012’s I Can’t Keep All of our Secrets is a reflection on the sudden death of a close friend. On both albums you’ll find catchy dance beats and lush electronics, but Spoon can also bring it all back down to quiet, introspective folk music. It’s Rae Spoon’s journey. We are just along to tap our feet. Or perhaps do some Kraftwerk-style dancing. Your choice.


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