Richard Thompson

Previously Performed in: 2015, 2000

“My father is one of the greats to ever step on a stage,” sings Teddy about Richard Thompson. This is not the hyperbole of a son boasting about his singer-songwriter guitar-virtuoso dad; this is a fact. In the 1960s, Thompson’s band Fairport Convention helped invent and perfect a new genre of music–British folk rock. He left the band to form a critically acclaimed duo with his then wife Linda (Teddy’s mom). Richard and Linda Thompson’s 1982 album Shoot Out The Lights, which chronicled their disintegrating marriage, is listed as number nine in Rolling Stone magazine’s top 100 albums of the 1980s.

A solo artist since the mid-‘80s, Thompson continues to release critically acclaimed albums filled with songs that tap into a wealth of human emotions, from a middle-aged woman’s love for Elvis to a man’s undying love for his motorcycle to a scathing anti-Iraq-war anthem from a G.I.’s perspective “(Bagh)Dad’s Gonna Kill Me.” Thompson’s material has been covered by Elvis Costello, Robert Plant, Del McCoury, even Bob Dylan, and he also happens to be a guitar god of Clapton-like proportions. The L.A. Times describes Richard Thompson as "the finest rock songwriter after Dylan and the best electric guitarist since Hendrix." None of it is hyperbole.


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