Kathleen Edwards

Previously Performed in: 2016, 2006, 2003
(Stittsville, ON)  Acoustic, Singer-Songwriter

Kathleen Edwards has been roaming the borderlands between alt-folk, country, and roots rock for years now, fully loaded for any songwriting challenge. From irreverent Canadiana to wistful sentimentalist to devastating chronicler of the human condition, the dusty silk of Edwards’ voice belies her abilities as a lyrical sharpshooter. Edwards’ last album Voyageur dropped in 2012, a co-production with Justin Vernon, frontman of alt darlings Bon Iver. True to the name, she was taking risks once again, exploring the territory of change and risk both literally and metaphorically. Despite all of the risk-taking and introspection, Edwards’ music is infused with the vibe of a mouthy broad with heart, wit and a sense of humour that is never far from the surface. Since Voyageur, Edwards decided to take a breather from the music biz, buying and running a coffee shop in Stittsville, and entertaining her public periodically on Twitter (she’s @kittythefool). She pointedly said recently: "I never said I was quitting music, or retiring. That’s why my coffee shop is called Quitters. Because I’m a smartass." She hastened to add, "Having said that, I’m not going balls deep on touring anytime soon." So, lean back and enjoy a luscious cameo from one of the best mouthy broads in Canadian music today.

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