Elliott BROOD

Previously Performed in: 2013, 2006
(Hamilton, Ontario)  Alt-Country

Like other moody teenagers, Elliott Brood discovered a taste for experimentation, for boundary-testing and for wanting to break things. On their latest album, Work and Love, the band cracks open the mold in which their high-energy, gritty, country-roots “frontier rock” sound was formed in Toronto. With the help of producer Ian Blurton, this trio of hard-working multi-instrumentalists opened the door to a bigger, bolder, brighter sound. Longtime fans need not fear; Elliott Brood’s music is still instantly likeable. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to link arms with your neighbours, close your eyes and sing along to songs you didn’t know you knew the words to: Oh Alberta, don't you cry, listen to me, it'll be alright.


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