Robbie Fulks

Previously Performed in: 2016, 2006
(Chicago, IL)  Alt-Country, Country, Singer-Songwriter

In baseball, Robbie Fulks would be referred to as a “four tool player.” He can write lyrics and prose, heart-tugging and knee-slapping. He plays his well-worn acoustic guitar with abandon, speed and, periodically, precision (but mostly abandon). He sings with a tenor that aches and snarls, sometimes at once. And he is entertaining in a manner that truly classifies him as a must-see artist. Beginning with the second alt-country scare (early '90s version), Fulks created songs that stand up as classics of the genre. Arguably best known for jokey songs like “She Took A Lot Of Pills (And Died)” and “Papa Was A Steel-Headed Man,” the Fulks canon is deep and wide – witness the sophisticated pop sound of his somber take on relationships, Couples In Trouble, or his wildly eccentric album of Michael Jackson covers, Happy (years before contemporary Ryan Adams re-imagined T.Swift). Loquacious, wickedly witty, and possessed of a talent bigger than his home state of Illinois, Fulks is a musical traveller, adept at multiple styles, but too restless to stay in one place for too long. In the “if people only knew about him, he’d be huge” discussion, Fulks has remained a hot topic for 20 years. New fans be warned: within 30 minutes of Fulks’ 2006 Calgary Folk Music Festival debut, every CD he had supplied to the merchandise tent was gone.

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