Grievous Angels

Previously Performed in: 2014, 1991
(Toronto, ON)

Charlie Angus, the Member of Parliament for Timmins-James Bay, is concerned with matters of social justice, government accountability and equal rights for all Canadians. But as much as Angus loves politics, writing and broadcasting (three areas in which he’s been extremely successful), his first love is music. For almost 20 years Angus has fronted the (often on hiatus) Grievous Angels, a beautifully earnest roots/country group built on strong acoustic-based songwriting and Angus’ own sense of fairness and deeply honest anguish over social injustice. Grievous Angels’ most recent album The Great Divide shows that the discrepancy between Angus’ double life as an MP and a troubadour isn’t really that great. Through music, Angus expresses many of the same sentiments that he does in politics — only with a more pronounced sense of heartache and a talent for adding personal details that shed a devastating light on topics like the history of First Nations rights. As an MP, Angus wears his heart on his sleeve. As a songwriter, his heart explodes right in front of us, bringing an urgent sense of humanity to everything he sings about. We need more politicians like Charlie Angus. We also need more songwriters like him.


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