The Acorn


 Hailing from Ottawa, The Acorn began in 2003 when its songwriter Rolf Klausener emerged from his bedroom, a guitar in one paw, a computer in the other, and a song or two he was happy with. After a few months, with his interest in mopey electro-folk waning, Rolf decided to surround himself with other musicians. 

Enter Jeffrey, Howie and Jeff, who Voltron-like turned the Acorn into a full band concern in 2004, Howie played his wistful guitar noodle-melodies and wiggled like an anxious Panda. Jeff made symphonies with his bass. Jeffrey broke songs down into algorithms, momentarily confusing the band, adding subtle and potent beats. Since then, they've released sweet, instrumental tributes to the idyllic Outaoua is region and work that is part biographical narrative, part surreal fairy tale: a sonic retelling of the stories from Rolf's mother's earlylife in Honduras and immigration to Montreal.
Intricate acoustic arrangements and euphoric melodies make The Acorn's dreamy, electro-acoustic music a post card for lost souls in lost cities.


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