The Deep Dark Woods

Previously Performed in: 2014, 2011, 2009
(Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)

Deep. Imagine digging down, reaching deep into the musical past, through the strata of decades of soundscapes, from the Riel Rebellion to Laurel Canyon, hitting precious metal along the way—a shard of an E string, or maybe a Hammond organ pedal abandoned by The Band. The Deep Dark Woods are a band made of harmonies stacked deeply, reaching from the root cellar floor to the hayloft rafters; bottomless, simple and profound.

Dark. The Deep Dark Woods excels at creating songs haunted by bodies in the woods, lovers singing to their dying darlings, ballads ripe with hangings, infidelity and sorrow. They are, nevertheless, tunes in which regrets are nudged towards the dawn by sweet melody, grace and a smile from a stranger.

Woods. This sound, dripping with gothic old-growth ambience, was born on the wide-open prairie of Saskatchewan. Leave your map and lose your bearings in the swirling sonic forest of The Deep Dark Woods. The band returns from the wilderness with Jubilee, a celebration of community, camaraderie and feverish cabin creativity. With Jubilee, The Deep Dark Woods revel in the jangly, freewheeling days of psychedelic and electric folk while keeping their compass aligned with the magnetic, hypnotic north.


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