Iron & Wine

Previously Performed in: 2012, 2009
(USA)  Folk, Indie

Iron & Wine’s music has been synonymous throughout his career with the meticulous and gorgeous craftsmanship of yearning, tapping a current of simplicity, wistfulness and nostalgia, a paean for simple, unmediated experience standing in stark contrast to the frenetic, data-drenched life of the 21st century.

Sam Beam has attracted a devoted following among his fans by continuing to develop new approaches to his signature commitments. His latest album, Kiss Each Other Clean, represents another step in that evolution, using layered textures and sonic collage as a backdrop to Beam’s mellow vocals and idiosyncratic style. It also brings in entirely new elements: if you never thought you’d hear synthesizers, multi-part vocal arrangements and horn sections on an Iron & Wine record, then there are surprises in store for you. But these elements are a growth of his sound, not a transmutation of it. All the things that have made Iron & Wine what it is over the past decade are still there, and thank goodness for that.

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