The Sojourners

(Vancouver, BC)

“The Spirit calls me, and I must go,” said the famed African- American abolitionist and women's rights activist, Sojourner Truth. So it is with Vancouver’s gospel trio, The Sojourners. Marcus Mosely, Will Sanders and Khari McClelland, called to Vancouver at different times from different places in the USA, formed a magical, musical union that took them from roadhouse bars to revival tents to Parliament Hill. Doo wop, R&B, blues and country are elements that make up the gospel music of The Sojourners. Regardless of your choice (or not) of religion, don’t let the ‘gospel’ label scare you away. It’s intensely spiritual, harmony-heavy, funky music that brings awareness to issues that affect all of us: “Look at the news and read about voter suppression, gun control, or Trayvon Martin… We're not preaching, but we want to remind the older generation of where we used to be, and we want to tell younger people that this is their time. It's up to them to decide what kind of world they want.”


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