(Central America)


Umalali: The GarifunaWomen's Project resulted from years of song collection, the discovery ofstriking female voices, recording sessions in a seaside hut and exquisite,subtle production wizardry. Their songs tell of the struggles and triumphs ofdaily life: hurricanes, murdered sons, the pain of childbirth. Umalali aremothers and daughters who, while working to support their families, sing songsand pass on the traditions of their people to future generations.


Descendents of shipwreckedAfrican slaves who intermarried with the Carib and Arawak Indians of theCaribbean, the Garifuna people live primarily in small towns and villages onthe Caribbean coasts of Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. Umalaliexpands on the story of this fascinating community, which is struggling toretain its unique language, music and traditions in the face of globalization.


Blending rich vocal textureswith echoes of rock, blues, funk, African, Latin and Caribbean music, Umalaliis an entrancing journey into the heart and soul of the Garifuna people.


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