Lorrie Matheson

Previously Performed in: 2012, 2006, 2003
(Calgary, AB)  Rock, Roots, Singer-Songwriter

Don’t call Lorrie Matheson a fixture of the local scene – there’s nothing “fixed” about him. During his decade and a half trading musical hats, Matheson churned up territory from the crunchy pop styling of mid-'90s local heroes Fire Engine Red to the cliché-shredding twang of National Dust to his kaleidoscopic solo career, where he writes a song, messes with its possibilities onstage, then records it as something stunning, risky and captivating.

Matheson’s wanderings are all over the map, from gentle to raging, traveling over many musical styles with such proficiency that it’s almost showing off. You want rock? I’ll shove it atcha. Pop? Over here. Waltz? Don’t mind if I do. Can’t label this? Gotcha! Most recently, Matheson has earned acclaim as producer at Arch Audio, where artists like gender/genre breaker Rae Spoon, Polaris nominee Mark Davis and Arts and Crafts artist Samantha Savage Smith have sought out Matheson to move their music to a higher plane.

About the only thing “fixed” about Matheson is his obsessive precision in his songwriting and his craft. As a result, this great musical question-poser has become a fix for his dedicated core of fans.


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