The Cat Empire

Previously Performed in: 2016, 2013, 2010
(Australia)  Funk, Rock, Ska, Urban

For over a decade, legendary genre-bending party powerhouse The Cat Empire has whipped dance floors into frenzies of motion all across the world, reaching over half a million people last year alone. About the only consistent things that can be said about the band's genre-bending sound is first, to expect the unexpected, and second, to expect it to be brilliant. Their varied and exploratory approach to music has brought together a global army of fans of all ages who tell stories of driving hundreds of kilometers, giving up day jobs, flying across the world, falling in love in a crowd, and overcoming the insurmountable in order to wave their hands in the air in revelry at a show. Front man Felix Riebl says of the band – and of the music on their forthcoming album Rising with the Sun –that “that sound is the world we want to live in... an explosive world, filled with fireworks, exotic flavours and deep rhythm.” It gives the impression of a big, colourful, cacophonous parade passing by your window, or perhaps like the running of the bulls. It's an explosion of motion shot through with summer, freedom, the flight from darkness, a touch of quirky romance and an emancipatory shirking of responsibility. This is the Cat Empire experience, inimitable and unforgettable.

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