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from Montréal, QC

Careful, my fly friends, or you'll find yourself trapped in ANACHNID's musical, mystical web. This dreamweaver moves effortlessly within and around the silky smooth production that supports the framework of electro-ethereal sounds, chill beats, striking voice and, at times, venomous lyrics, generations in the making. ANACHNID (aka Kiki Harper) is a multidisciplinary, urban Indigenous creator, as well-versed in the oral traditions of Oji-Cree and Mi'kmaq storytelling as she is rapping and singing over trancy dance-pop. Like the spider, ANACHNID's venom is also a future antidote: her story-song-creations feature stream of conscience lyrics intentionally captured with decidedly modern technology, ensuring a longevity that may even survive oral tradition. From the haunting to the heavy this spider who sings with the wolves knows how to hold her audience.

Biography by Chantal Vitalis


Thursday February 18, 2021

8:20 PM – 9:00 PM · ATB Mainstage @ Zoom / Online


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