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Nite Twin
Block Heater

Nite Twin

from Calgary, AB

Have you ever, late at night while the rest of your household lay sleeping, put on headphones and listened to your favourite LP in the dark? Like the warm crackle of a vintage vinyl record, the newest project of brothers Stephen and Paul Van Kampen (Beija Flor, SAVK, Magnetic North, The Northwest Passage) Nite Twin instantly pricks up your ears, readying you for a flood of emotions. For those fortunate enough to catch them live, the band evokes an even deeper and exhilarating experience. The Calgary based 4-piece alt-rock/indie/roots/whatever band delivers sweetly crafted melodies and arrangements with an air of effortlessness, while a chorus of harmonizing vocals carries you into the deep (sometimes spooky) recesses of the songs, and the stories within them. Their songs even sound like they were written in the hours that most folks should be sleeping; that short window of time when the fog clears, the veil is lifted, only then are you ready to receive messages from your night twin.

Biography by Chantal Vitalis


Friday February 19, 2021

7:00 PM – 7:45 PM · Festival Hall @ Free / Online


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