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Robert Adam
Block Heater

Robert Adam

from Calgary, AB

Are you feeling lucky? Well, whether you is or you ain't, take a step back, cuz waiting to bust out from behind closet door Number 1 with a Stetson, floppy bow and hands bloodied from a recent fight with a sharkasaurus is the utterly entertaining Rhinestone Cowboy of Calgary. Yes, friends, in Robert Adam's inclusive world, those incongruous images are all given plenty of space to roam free; new spins on a old genre that Adam respects deeply but has also lovingly reimagined. Classic country music is the very traditional vehicle that safely carried Adam's precious cargo of sharp-witted lyrics and emotion-filled voice from northern Alberta to Toronto, where he released his acclaimed debut EP Prairie Gold in 2017. Since moving to Calgary a few years ago, Adam has made it his mission to play country music his way and to have fun while doing so.

Biography by Chantal Vitalis


Tuesday February 16, 2021

8:00 PM – 8:45 PM · Festival Hall @ Free @ Facebook / YouTube


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