Frazey Ford
January 14 · Knox United Church

Frazey Ford

With La Force

Doors @ 7:00 MST/MDT · Show @ 8:00 MST/MDT




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About La Force · Montréal, QC

La Force is Ariel Engle, veteran of Broken Social Scene and ARoarA. Together with her husband and BSS bandmate Andrew Whiteman, Engle has been a stalwart on the Montréal music scene for the last 15 years.  Being in band together and having a young daughter, they felt something had to give. When an attempted collaboration was causing more strife than music, Whiteman convinced Engle that she needed to step out on her own and thus was La Force created.

The solo flight allowed Engle’s eclectic influences to flourish. As part of a family that traveled extensively throughout her childhood, Engle has a knowledge and passion for many musical styles and very few mental barriers to interesting music. Her music is anchored in a persistent curiosity about its consciousness-altering potential, particularly the kind of spiritual mind-bending that drone music (the precursor to trance) was created to produce. She blends a passion for the subversive power of a woman’s voice with trance-like lo-fi melodies and rhythms, with the whole becoming sublimely greater than the sum of its parts.

About Frazey Ford · Vancouver, BC

Singer/songwriter Frazey Ford first came to the world’s attention in acclaimed folk trio The Be Good Tanyas. In her early life, she sang with her Irish/Cajun/Acadian mother despite a true leaning towards soul and funk. There was time spent living on a ​commune with American draft dodger parents and a collaboration with the ​legendary Memphis soul band The Hi Rhythm Section.

So it’s unsurprising Ford’s world is one of shapeshifting rhythm, elevating beats and grooves, wrapped in the subtle magnetism of her mesmerizing voice. With its graceful collision of soul and psychedelia and’70s funk, her music can be ecstatic and heavy-hearted, gloriously shambolic and deeply purifying. Her latest album UkinBtheSun ​is raw and direct; a departure from her earlier guitar-driven and often solitary songwriting. The album was birthed from a spontaneous collaboration with her ​long-time bassist and drummers.

Sublime sounds unfold in luminous grooves, dreamy piano tones, smoldering harmonies, cascading piano lines, fluid guitar work and warm and wise lyrics. Bold, sensual and confidently fragile, Ford is obviously not afraid to explore what lurks inside her, either musically or emotionally. Rich textures embed Ford’s lyrical storytelling: sharply rendered memories of early childhood, poignant messages of courage and survival, telegraphs to unfettered joy, a tenderly enchanted breakup song and an anthemic response to the toxic political climate.