Martin Sexton
October 18 · Festival Hall

Martin Sexton

Doors @ 6:00 MST/MDT · Show @ 7:00 MST/MDT




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About Martin Sexton · New York

Instead of touring festivals, singer songwriter Martin Sexton did what we all did for the last while; he hung out at home. His latest EP 2020 Vision says what we’ve been thinking: It sucks to be homebound, but it’s also pretty great. With a horn section honking away he sings: “That ol’ 2020 vision has got me to see. Hold on to what you got, to what it is, not to what it’s not.” Lucky for us he’s been busy crafting songs about life, love and the trials and tribulations facing America. How could he not? He’s been doing it for decades. As a teen, Sexton played in garage bands before being swept into Boston’s late ‘80s new folk movement. He glided into the coffee house circuit where he honed his unique brand of blue-eyed soul filled folk music. Years travelling the world led to his 2015 release Mixtape of the Open Road, a cross continent journey through places and musical spaces, a valise full of catchy tunes – from jazz to fuzzy psychedelic to rhythm and blues – lyrical stories filled with picture postcards. Who knew he’d have to file that record under – wishful thinking – for a while. Sexton has an almost fanatical and loyal fan base and has made many friends during his frequent visits to Alberta. It’ll be good to see him back, finally, when his excursion along the open road brings him to our home.

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