September 19 · The Palace Theatre


Doors @ 7 PM MST/MDT · Show @ 8 PM MST/MDT




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About Rhye · Los Angeles, CA

Rhye is trying to seduce you, and honestly, there’s a good chance they’ll succeed. The band absolutely embodies sensuality. It isn’t just singer Milosh’s silky contralto — though that does go a long way. It’s in every element of Rhye's hushed R&B  — every snare hit, every swelling string amounts to the band whispering sweet nothings directly into your ear. It’s foolish to resist.

Rhye originated as a collaboration between Toronto expat Michael Milosh, then living in Berlin, and Copenhagen-based electronic musician Robin Hannibal, and their first singles were released online nearly anonymously   — no contact info, no explanation, just a name and an impossibly sultry groove. The internet loves a mystery, and their debut, Woman, quickly gathered momentum, earning glowing reviews and a slot on the 2013 Polaris Prize long list.

Since then, Hannibal has gone his own way, and Milosh is now heading up a collective that coalesced from the project’s live band. The Rhye that re-emerged in 2017 is a slightly different beast, but with the same undeniable seductive skill. With the new line-up, the grooves have deepened, the pulse has quickened, the arrangements have become more organic. But despite the changes, rest assured: this is still mood music of the highest order.