Since 2012, Chad VanGaalen has only played his hometown twice: at a surprise outdoor show at Tomkins Square last May, and a performance a few months later at the 2014 Calgary Folk Music Festival. Now Chad’s Calgary fans are in for a treat: two intimate small-scale shows by the reclusive and multi-talented artist.

Fans of his music know that VanGaalen’s sonic universe knows no bounds, covering everything from country-folk laments and garage-psych ragers to indie pop gems and free-form electronic outbursts. To accommodate and accentuate this range of musical offerings, Chad will be performing in Calgary over two nights at two strikingly different venues. On Thursday September 10, Chad and band will be at the city’s fixture rock bar Broken City, and then at the beautiful, sonorous Folk Festival Hall in Inglewood on Friday September 11. Different rooms call for different sounds, and over the course of these two nights, VanGaalen will offer variations on songs and styles for each show, making each night a wholly unique proposition. Audiences can look forward to songs from across Chad’s last three albums (Shrink Dust, Diaper Island, Soft Airplane) as well as probably some brand new tunes and of course the usual surprises that accompany a set from CVG.

These shows will also be the Calgary debut for Chad’s new backing band, Bleach Wipes, which is made up of Ryan Bourne (Sleepkit, Ghostkeeper) and Chris Dadge (Lab Coast, Bug Incision, Samantha Savage Smith). This hugely talented band brings Chad’s kaleidoscopic musical world to life onstage.

Self-recording and playing almost every instrument – including many hand-crafted ones – Chad VanGaalen has become one of Canada’s most celebrated and unpredictable artists. In addition to being a twice Juno-nominated and Polaris Prize shortlisted musician, Chad is also a celebrated illustrator and animator who has shown across Canada and in Europe.  Chad lives with his partner and their daughters in a ramshackle and colourful house in Calgary, and doesn’t like to leave home more than he absolutely has to.

Opening the evening will be a discussion with Astrophysicist Dr. David Hobill, associate professor in the University of Calgary's Department of Physics and Astonomy and member of the Institute for Quantum Science and Technology at the University of Calgary. Topics will range from gravity to dark matter and dark energy in this fascinating walk through the mechanics (quantum or otherwise) of our universe.

Do you lie awake at night contemplating a burning question that you need answered about the mysteries of the cosmos? Send us your question and Dr. Hobill might answer it at the show! Possible subjects could include black holes, quantum mechanics, cosmological evolution, dark energy or pretty much anything from the world of physics, astrophysics or the mathematical foundations of chaos theory.