The third annual Doppelsingers unites some of Calgary’s coolest original artists with other Alberta songwriters. They blow the lid wide open, creating fresh approaches to familiar and not-so-familiar tunes. Indie artists ‘cover’ funk tunes, hip-hop artists take a stab at country music and pop artists try their hand at folk. Previous artists include Axis of Conversation, JJ Shiplett, Copperhead, Hello Moth, the 6L6s, Polyjesters, T Buckley, SAVK, Astral Swans and Raleigh (and more) who performed songs written by artists from across the musical spectrum: the Dudes, James Keelaghan, Kris Demeanor, Tom Phillips, Jr. Gone Wild, the Cape May, Feist, Field Day, Anne Loree, Corb Lund, Jr. Gone Wild, the Stampeders and even Nickelback!

This years artists: Alright Gents, Boreal Sons, Carter Felker, Heather Blush, Jon Gant, Kris Demeanor, Lynn Olagundoye, Mariel Buckley and Matt Olah, Ralph Boyd Johnson, Rotary Park and the Heirlooms cover the songs of Cowpuncher, Kris Demeanor, Feist, Jerry Jerry, Cadence Weapon, Lorrie Matheson, Leeroy Stagger, Wendy McNeil, Mark Mills, Night Committee, Chad Vangaalen, Maud, the Dudes, Clinton St. John, Feist, Art Bergmann, the Cape May, Big Sugar, Joni Mitchell, k.d. Lang and the Neutral States!

Here are some tracks from last year's Doppelsingers!

SAVK covering Pushing for Jesus: 

Raleigh covering Corb Lund's Five Dollar Bill: 

Hello Moth performing Wilder: