Patrick Watson is a guy. Patrick Watson is also a band. It’s a bit confusing, likely because Patrick Watson became a band sort of by accident. They initially convened to create some music to accompany a book of photography; it was such fun that they decided to play some of it live, and as Watson himself puts it, “people freaked.” As the group kept making music, it rapidly became clear that no genre could hold them, making the choice of a band name increasingly tricky. PW’s music is equal and unpredictable parts classical and cabaret, creepy lullabies and indie rock anthem (it might tell you something about the uncategorizable and genre-defying nature of Patrick Watson’s music that they were tapped to open for both James Brown and Philip Glass).

Ethereal, quizzical and occasionally foreboding dreamscapes littered with tinkling percussion and Watson’s somehow antique-sounding vocals are PW’s stock in trade. Just as they can’t be contained by genres, the band can’t even be contained by traditional instrument choices: they’ve used everything from bicycles and kitchen utensils to megaphones to make music. The band’s debut album Close to Paradise garnered both a Juno nomination and the coveted Polaris Prize in 2007. The cinematic sound of PW’s music has led to inclusion on soundtracks for several movies as well as TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy and The Walking Dead. SS