The Folk Festival Society of Calgary is pleased to open Festival Hall for a special Music Mile One Night Stand mixer with musical guests Northwest Passage and Kris Demeanor.

Kris Demeanor

Known for making thought-provoking, relevant art, Kris Demeanor has made a living out of simultaneously celebrating and skewering Calgary and its many inhabitants. No topic is off-topic for Demeanor, whose many talents include musician, poet, actor, writer and wicked table tennis player. He is currently in production for the musical comedy Calgary, I Love You, But You’re Killing Me for the High Performance Rodeo. 

Northwest Passage

Austria had the Von Trapp family, the US had the Jacksons, and Calgary is blessed to be home base for the seemingly limitless talents of the van Kampen siblings, Steve and Paul. Paul van Kampen’s newest project, Northwest Passage (formerly the Magnetic North), is a musically adventurous vehicle in which both sirens and sailors are transported to new heights through nuanced, hypnotic post-rock.