Juno-award winner and Canada’s master contemporary songstress Amelia Curran’s songs are three-minute musical dramas; slices of life, love, introspection and heartbreak. She describes the craft of songwriting as an act of expressing the inexpressible and describing the indescribable, choosing the right words over the pretty ones to tell her often dark and moody stories. Thirteen years and seven albums after her beginnings as a busker on the street corners of her native St. John’s, Newfoundland, her musical approach has deepened and matured. On her newest collection of songs They Promised You Mercy, her knife-sharp lyrics find peace and even cheerfulness amidst producer Michael Phillip Wojewoda’s lush layers. It’s a poised, focussed consummate work that showcases her singular songwriting talent.

Clinton St. John
Multi-instrumentalist and visual artist Clinton St. John’s creative output was born out of boredom of small-town life. Formerly of The Cape May and Pale Air Singers, St. John has been referred to as Flemish Eye Records’ poet laureate; a storyteller who builds narrative landscapes and signature companion drawings and paintings. Dreamy, cinematic soundscapes are built around his surreal psych-folk songs. Delicate songs are backed by dense, sonic sculptures for a sound that strikes a fine balance between troubadour and avant-garde rock instincts.

The lyrics of his third solo full-length album The Minor Arkhana span loss and new love in hauntingly beautiful folk tales. With his signature minimalism, this sophisticated, lush album is made warm and full by vocal harmonies, the addition of Jesse Zubot’s violin, viola and mandolin, and producer/engineer/friend Chad Van Gaalen’s drums, vibraphone, cello and trumpet.