Basia entered the public’s ears in 2007 with a critically acclaimed foray into indie-folk. Her characteristic honeyed vibrato, baroque femininity, sweetly minimal arrangements and silver arrowhead-like lyrics make her one of Canada's most conspicuous talents. Her third, Juno-nominated and 2014 Polaris prize short listed album Tall Tall Shadow charted a new path with echo and reverb, electronic flutters and electric autoharp alchemizing heartbreak into buoyant, inventive, hook-laden pop. Her 2016 Polaris shortlisted, Jim James (My Morning Jacket) – produced album, Good Advice, is a fizzing, phosphorescent affair, filled with songs of desire and redemption, lit up with a bottle- rocket of liberated, faintly psychedelic sounds.

Australia’s Oh Pep! bring a unique touch to compelling, catchy Americana-from- Down- Under. The songs across three EPs range seamlessly from emotionally sumptuous to kitchen party, anchored by a sweet, cool rhymes and rhythms.