Two and a half years in the making, 'NOX' is ready. Hot off a spectacular show at One Love Festival, artist A.Y.E. is eager to share his brand new album, a great conceptual art piece that tells a story of being trapped in the dark trying to find the light. Surely to be one of the best local releases of the year, A.Y.E. dives deep into his personal turmoil and takes you through his childhood challenges, his own battles between life and death, and the loss of his closest friend. 'NOX' is about still managing to find the light in dark times. Production provided by A.Y.E. including co-production from The Extraordinary Gentlemen guitarist Ben Gould and Sengersound. Dark, edgy, bright sounds with a laid back tone and smooth delivery.


Artist A.Y.E is debuting NOX in collaboration with all ages non-profit Major Minor Music Project. This show boasts an incredible lineup of local talent, including Beach Season and Sargeant & Comrade.  It also features an art exhibition and pop up shop.  Proceeds from this show will go towards supporting Major Minor Music Project in their efforts to secure a venue dedicated to all ages shows in Calgary.