Halifax’s Ben Caplan is many things: a charismatic charmer and smasher of pianos, a hirsute madman and an earnest poet, a strummer of delicate chords and a lover of bent and broken melodies. His range runs from rough and textured tones to a croon smoother than a glass of single malt whisky. His new, sophomore album Birds with Broken Wings is inspired partly by Eastern European and Jewish folk traditions and explodes with ancient and modern sounds. Often edgy and dark, Caplan holds up a mirror to expose our dark side, while exposing beauty and the sublime.

Clinton St. John
Multi-instrumentalist Clinton St. John’s songs have strong narrative and dream-like qualities, finding influences in folk, blues, country, rock & psychedelic music. As a visual artist, he combines his musical landscapes with surreal drawings and paintings. His third full-length album The Minor Arkhana was released in September of 2014.