San Fermin’s music verges on indescribable, with songs flowing together as movements in a baroque orchestral piece, with flashes of electro-pop and rock, and vocals that alternate between a smooth baritone and soaring soprano. There are flashes of violence and surprisingly jazzy grooves that can include a few bars of an Irish jig or a ska beat, topped with gorgeous choral arrangements. While still densely constructed, eclectic and downright mesmerizing, San Fermin’s intricate and prodigiously original sonic palette feels driven as much by the heart as the head.

Low Roar
Ryan Karazija’s project Low Roar is a response to the unknown; a vivid portrait of life-altering moments stained with equal parts hope and melancholy. Inspired by his newish home of Reykjavík, it draws from ambient influences, filled with yearning choruses and haunting strings that combine post rock with minimalist tones alongside optimistic melodies and folk-styled songs.