Art Bergmann is an iconoclastic singer-songwriter who has been a legendary figure in the Canadian punk rock alternative music scene since the late 70’s. His seminal punk band Young Canadians were defibrillators to thousands of disenfranchised youth in the late ‘70s. His legendary anti-music industry, anti-greed, anti-power stance grew from his original punk ethic, destroyed every chance he had at rising fame, and continues to spark new and relevant songs. In his 40 plus years of making music Art, along with the Young Canadians has fronted pioneering bands The K-tels, Young Canadians, Los Popularos and Poisoned as well as releasing Juno winning albums under his own name.
Art garnered a Juno Award nomination for Most Promising Male Vocalist in 1989, and James O'Mara and Kate Ryan were nominated for Best Music Video for Bergmann's "Our Little Secret". Art's 1995 album "What Fresh Hell Is This?" won the Juno Award for Best Alternative Rock Album in 1996. Art's 2016 album "The Apostate” received a nomination to the Polaris Music Prize Long List, and was cited by Brad Wheeler in the Globe and Mail as a contender for best album of 2016.