BassBus, Calgary Folk Music Festival and AM Static are proud to present AM Static's newest album release, "Rise & Shine" with support from Raleigh.

AM Static is the collaborative effort of Calgary based Chris Austman & Nils Mikkelsen. Formed in 2011, the duo (quintet live) self released their first full length album “A life Well Lived” which was nominated for The 2016 Juno Award for “Electronic Album of the Year.”

The dynamic duo are supported by none other than Raleigh. Percolate vocal harmonies, deft instrumentals, and subtle time signature changes are what filter into the superb arrangements of the hallmark Calgary trio Raleigh. Unafraid of both straight-up pop hooks, folk traditions and complex song structure, this is a band uniquely shaping their own space in new music.

Join us on June 9th at Festival Hall, and prepare for an intimate evening of reveling.