Producer and instrumentalist extraordinaire Dawson celebrates the release of Rattlesnake Cage; unadorned music that harkens back to the ‘American Primitive’ sound with songs informed by deep blues, ragtime, jazz and Hawaiian music traditions. With a single microphone, dexterous fingers and a glass bottleneck on steel strings, the fluidity of Dawson’s distinct roots playing belies his virtuosity.

Songwriter, vocalist and keyboardist Kenna Burima’s solo project features an amalgamation of interests and musical projects that range from swooning orchestral pop (Woodpigeon), sweaty garage rock (Beaver Squadron and The Pygmies) to doo-wop and avant-classical collaborations. Her current quartet enlists some of Calgary’s finest: jazz drummer Jon May, bassist Simon Fisk and guitarist Colin Mitchell, to balance disparate elements and produce an engaging and surprising show.