At 26 years old, the captivating Montreal singer-guitarist-banjo player who hails from Rosaireville, New Brunswick has toured for five years with her band and sold over 140 000 records on two continents.  She composes rousing, heart-wrenching narratives from everyday tales of love, friendship and heartbreak in songs influenced by her love of cajun music and culture and nomadic travels through the US, where she honed her banjo and flatpicking skills. Her music contains many throwbacks to her teenage inspirations, as well as hints of rock, folk, blues, classic rock, spaghetti western and even some Hawaiian music. 

Hailing from Montreal, Les Deuxluxes are armed to the teeth with powerful vocals, primal rhythms and two raging guitars. The duo's sensual, wild performances are guaranteed to shake you to the core.

This show will be set up as standing/dancing with minimal chairs.