Moody, image-filled balladry and melodic storytelling; Jenn Grant’s velvety voice is the perfect counterbalance for songs teetering on the edge of psychedelic folk. This is the essence of Grant, whose voice and songs are deeply personal yet incredibly accessible, drawing people into a world full of love, loss, sadness and flights of happiness. A heralded singer and songwriter born in Prince Edward Island and raised in Halifax, she has four albums and one EP under her belt. Her latest album ‘Compostela’ translates to “Field of Stars”– which comes from the legend that the dust of the pilgrims who walk the El Camino make up the stars that form the Milky Way. Her music creates a warmth that’s found in the intricate layers of instrumentation that carry her songs from the edges of the earth to the field of stars from which they came; accompanied by talented players who help to create her captivating live show’s colours and textures. ER/KC