Cousins Tim and Koady Chaisson are from the seventh (!) generation of musicians, a family well known across the East Coast for their commitment to traditional music. They and their friend Jake Charron formed the band as a casual vehicle to do some companionable playing, but their combined talents and palpable chemistry swept the trio to commitment, world touring and a Juno-nominated full-length album, Secret Victory, in 2016. With the PEI trio’s traditional banjo, fiddle and guitar lineup, audiences will find much that is loved and familiar; a sound rooted in centuries past, but updated it with a 100% original repertoire, sometimes traipsing off the traditional path with songs penned by Tim — himself an acclaimed and award-winning solo artist.

Bringing youthful energy, expert musicianship and a strong percussive element to bear on their deep Celtic roots, The East Pointers represent the latest flowering of that ever-growing, evergreen musical tradition that causes hearts and glasses to be lifted and sets feet to dancing.