The year was 1991. Presumably, some significant world events occurred.  Among them was something fabulous took place in Kingston, Ontario; a beacon of hope that was lit and has shone brightly ever since – The Arrogant Worms. Beginning as a comedy troupe performing songs and sketches on campus radio, the early feedback on the live shows was clear:  lose the sketches.  So the songs - written to make fun of a big dumb world - endured and remain because the band hates to throw anything out. Luckily, the world is still dumb and The Arrogant Worms (Mike McCormick, Chris Patterson and Trevor Strong) continue to have plenty to sing about. The shows are fast, furious and family-friendly. The wit is quick, the satire is biting and the musicianship is second-to-none. Their appeal has earned them fans from kids to parents to grandparents to Princess Leia.