Since 2010 when they abandoned solo careers to become a musical and life pair, Pharis and Jason Romero’s creative output has reflected their deep love for early country, old time, folk, blues and bluegrass. In 2016, the Juno Award-winning musicians and celebrated instrument makers took a year-long sabbatical from touring and recording to welcome their second child, build banjos and construct a new house the rural community of Horsefly, British Columbia with assistance from their local and extended community. That summer, a fire claimed their shop. The feeling of being pushed to the edge and the outpouring of community love brought music and songwriting that were hovering at the edge inside to become their 2018 release Sweet Old Religion, their first album comprised of entirely original songs. It’s full of luscious harmonies and ancient and aching songs that feel like a reverberation from the past, but a perfect antidote to the modern world.