Donovan Woods’ new album is a study in contrasts, as one would expect from its name: Both Ways. That push-and-pull, especially in relationships, has long been Woods’ stock in trade. Woods has the rare ability to distill complicated situations and emotions into songs that are intriguing and relatable; beautiful songs built on strong, lyrical stories. NPR Music stated, "There are very few writers who can make you laugh and break your heart in the same song.” No Depression noted that Woods’ style is “as fresh and captivating as any out there.”

Woods weaves magic out of the most minimal of ingredients, delivering poignant, whispery vocals over spare guitar work to create haunting melodies and memorable musical vignettes. Woods’s reputation as a stellar songwriter is solid — his compositions enjoy vibrant lives beyond his own guitar and microphone and have been recorded by a bevy of artists, ranging from indie up-and-comers to bona fide stars like Tim McGraw, Charles Kelly, and Alan Doyle, and have also been featured in a number of television shows and major motion pictures.