City Palate partners with Calgary Folk Music Festival and Calgary Underground Film Festival to present a series of silent films featuring Calgary chefs doing what they do best - cooking - captured by Calgary filmmaker Ramin Eshraghi-Yazdi. At the same time, musician Chris Vail and his band play live music, composed specifically for the occasion. After the screening, the crowd will enjoy appetizers that merrily reference the food prepared in the films. An evening than celebrates the artistry of food.

Starring: Jackie Cooke, Kevin Kent, Nathan Head, Kevin Turner, Aviv Fried, Judy Wood, Justin Leboe, Nicole Gomes, Rogelio Herrera, Steve Smee, Matthew Altizer, Glen Manzer, Michal Lavi, Xavier Lacaze

Chefly ScreenShots trailer 1 from Ramin Eshraghi Yazdi on Vimeo.

Chefly shorts trailer from Ramin Eshraghi Yazdi on Vimeo.