The second annual Doppelsingers unites some of Calgary’s coolest original artists with other Alberta songwriters. They blow the lid wide open, creating fresh approaches to familiar and not-so-familiar tunes. Indie artists ‘cover’ funk tunes, hip-hop artists take a stab at country music and pop artists try their hand at folk. 10 artists - including Axis of Conversation, JJ Shiplett, Copperhead, Barnaby Bennett, Eve Hell and the Razors, the 6L6s, Polyjesters, Astral Swans and Michael Dunn - each do two songs written by artists from across the musical spectrum: the Dudes, James Keelaghan, Jr. Gone Wild, the Cape May, Feist, Field Day, Anne Loree, Corb Lund, the Stampeders and even Nickelback!

 Here is a song from 2013's Doppelsinger, Raleigh covering Corb Lund's Five Dollar Bill: 

Here is Corb Lund singing Five Dollar Bill: 

Here is Chantal Vitalis covering Dragon Fli Empire's 'Mount Pleasant:' 

Here is the original by Dragon Fli Empire:  

Chantal Vitalis cover's Tom Phillips 'Ribbons & Bows:'

Tom Phillips version: