Little Miss Higgins’ sound evokes the scent of a BBQ smoker, the swelter of a juke joint and a small town sweaty barn dance. Her music is a timeless library of Americana and a travelogue that moves from a New Orleans speakeasy to turn-of-the-century Paris and dustbowl Utah, while referencing subjects that include Louis Riel and dime-store panties. Teaming up with a likeminded cadre of Manitoba musicians, her classic songwriting, honed over her four albums, reaches new heights on her latest release Bison Ranch Recording Sessions.

Clunk and Sputter is the title of Muerte Pan Alley's soon-to-be-released debut CD. The band - comprising the Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir's guitarist Bob Keelaghan and drummer Jason Woolley plus virtuoso bassist and Bobby Cork Orchestra’s leader Rob Oxoby - mines early 20th century blues and country, plus throws in gypsy jazz, hypnotic electric blues trances and the ragged edge of underground rock to conjure electric juke joints.

Little Miss Higgins - BARGAIN! SHOP PANTIES from RED HAT STUDIOS on Vimeo.