Welcome to the West presents an evening of intimate performances from two generations of Alberta folk music.

Northern Beauties may be a new project, but between front men Todd Stewart and Craig Aikman, there’s over a million miles of road soaked into their signature vocals. Staying true to western folk and bluegrass roots, the songs offer a chance to flex their considerable songwriting skills while wooing with sing-able choruses, enchanting harmonies and stories that will have you hanging on their every word. They recruited the talents of Erik Allen on drums, Aaron Scholpp on bass and Charlie Hase on pedal steel to establish Northern Beauties as a full and realized band.

I am the Mountain layer brass and string accents beneath the loving vocal exchange between Colton O'Reilly and Sylvana Sproule. With a freshly introduced songbook of laid-back sounds from Western Canada's lake country - and a new album underway - this collective's rotating cast of young musicians breath friendship into every room or campfire they grace.