Adam Cohen's just released 'We Go Home' teems with truth, beauty and a certain goes-down-easy quotient and his live show exudes charm galore. Audiences will experience the intimacy, power and story behind We Go Home - an album that almost wasn't - live and direct. Cohen completed and then scrapped a previously–recorded album before starting afresh, choosing to heed the distant calling to his roots and family by recording in the living rooms of houses in which he was raised (in Montreal and Hydra, Greece). On We Go Home, Adam takes a more profound ownership and command of his own voice within a family tradition. He is the link between his father Leonard and his seven-year-old boy wonder Cassius. Adam Cohen is a son. And he is a father. And he is a man. And he and his bandmates are yours, live across the country this Fall.

Dugas Music
Birthed out of Winnipeg's French quarter, siblings Sarah & Christian Dugas first came to attention as members of the Duhks. A variety of influences from their musician parents meld with strong Americana and southern rock roots influences.