Yemen Blues may not be a household name in Calgary ...yet. But you may already have a connection to one of Israel's most interesting, uplifting, exotic and complex bands. If you were lucky (or smart!) enough to have been at the Calgary Folk Fest in 2011, you'll no doubt remember them. Or if you were at the Idan Raichel concert in February 2013, you already have met the face of Yemen Blues, Ravid Kalahani. Born into a large Yemenite family, Kahalani grew up learning traditional religious chants but was drawn to music first and foremost through his love for African-American soul and blues, roots music. As the name suggests, Yemen Blues concocts a bubbling foundation of Yemenite sensibilities under an enticing blend of jazz, and soul, classical opera, Serbian orthodox church music, Saharan and North African chant, and electronica, funnelling it all through that most accessible of style of music, the blues. With Yemen Blues' latest release being produced by dub-maestro Bill Laswell, you know this is going to be a show to take in.