Black Art: a conversation

February 20th 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Black Art: a conversation

ATB virtual Mainstage (Zoom)




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Black Art: A conversation is an exploration of black diasporic art, creativity and activism, hosted by Toronto musician and actress Shakura S’Aida. She’ll lead a wide-ranging conversation with Calgary 2021 festival illustrator and hip hop musician Jae Sterling who created our fiery Block Heater image, Sargeant X Comrade’s Yolanda Sargeant, veteran emcee Tarik Robinson and bilingual singer/songwriter Kelly Bado.

Hear this conversation as part of our 6th annual Block Heater on Saturday February 20 from 3:00 – 4:30 PM (MT) with a pay-what-you-can ticket (suggested donation of $10).


Shakura S'Aida is an award-winning vocalist, a top-drawer songwriter, an electrifying actress, a stalwart activist and a lifelong ambassador for kickass footwear. Her happy places are on stage, on set and on long walks with her giant dog, Brooklyn Simone.

Yolanda Sargeant is one half of Calgary's favourite neo-soul, hip hop and nu-jazz pioneers, Sargeant X Comrade. Her rich, smoky vocals float between the playful and melancholic, the joyful and pensive. She is a creative and visionary force in the Calgary community.

Jae Sterling is a multidisciplinary Calgary-based artist and founding member of Thot Police. A musician at heart, he has also extended his art over the years to include painting, digital design and mixed media that weaves together his experiences in Jamaica, South Florida and Canada.⁠

Kelly Bado is a bilingual singer-songwriter from Winnipeg who takes you on a journey through her music. With lyrics inspired by love, hope and social equality, and a sound that marries pop with R&B/Soul and her African background, one cannot help but get swept away into Kelly’s magical voice.

Tarik Robinson is a veteran emcee and producer from Calgary. Now going by his birth name, the artist also known as Teekay has been a pioneer in the local YYC hip hop scene for years with his group Dragon Fli Empire. 

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