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from Nova Scotia

The nom de plume of singer/songwriter/guitarist Afie Jurvanen, Bahamas is best known for his intimate and heartfelt songs that lyrically bounce off his dry sardonic wit, plus his sweet and tasty “less is more” guitar licks. Jurvanen started out the century as a Toronto-based sideman for Feist, Hayden, Doug Paisley and others, simultaneously launching a solo career that transported him into indie-folk hero territory. Jurvanen’s five Bahamas records have gained him critical acclaim, award nominations (and wins) and a global following. He recently shed the Hogtown life to become a Nova Scotian, where he continues to juggle family life with that of a world-touring musician. 

Want to know how Afie’s doing these days? Listen to his newest record, which draws inspiration from the joys and struggles of building a family in a new environment. For example, “Less Than Love” reflects his anxiety about family expectations: “Everything that’s left unsaid/All the books I bought and never read/Thank god she can’t see into my head/She’d see I know nothing.” By the way, don’t let the record title Sad Hunk fool you. It’s not his ego talking, rather it’s a tongue-in-cheek nickname given to him by his wife. He returns the adoration with the sweet and touching “Half Your Love” in her honour. You can expect your encounter with Bahamas to be personal, personable and musically enchanting.

Biography by Eric Rosenbaum


Sunday July 30, 2023

9:05 PM – 10:15 PM · ATB @ Mainstage


A collaboration with others

Sunday July 30, 2023

4:20 PM – 5:30 PM · Community Natural Foods Stage 6

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