Bobby Bazini
Calgary Folk Fest

Bobby Bazini

from Montréal, QC

Raised in the rural town of Mont-Laurier, Bobby Bazini began playing guitar as a kid, thanks partly to impromptu lessons from his dad. At age 12 while living with his grandmother, he became immersed in her country-heavy record collection. By age 16 he’d started writing songs, releasing the full-length acclaimed 2010 Better in Time.

Bazini’s first two earthy guitar-driven soul albums were created on his own. He collaborated with esteemed songwriters including Chris Stapleton in Nashville, LA and London on his third, Summer is Gone. Bazini and his band recorded live, carving out a raw, rugged sound later refined with spirited string arrangements, fiery horn sections and subtle electronic effects for a bravely intimate album imbued with a bittersweet mood and melancholy that’s still undeniably hopeful. Songs are built on smouldering grooves, blazing guitar work, and gospel-esque harmonies with a reckless attitude and a bluesy sound. Bazini’s vocals glide from raspy growl to sweet falsetto, on songs with rich emotional textures and infused with lush but gritty dynamics.

Biography by Kerry Clarke


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