Calgary Folk Fest


from Calgary, AB

Copperhead is comprised of local music scenesters and recording engineers, beginning with Liz Stevens and Kirill Telichev as a co-writing duo. It’s helmed by the haunting melodies and the smoky, soulful voice of dynamic artist and songwriter Stevens. She’s equally captivating solo—with electric guitar-based songs characterized by a blues heart and rock ‘n’ roll soul—or with the band. Copperhead makes folk music for the 21st century, born not in the bucolic countryside but in downtown alleyways, with punk and acid rock peering around the corners. Lurking around the deliciously dark intersection of lo-fi, post-industrial noise, R&B and minor-key murder ballad, Copperhead immerses audiences in ambient, expansive soundscapes with texture and reverb, anchored by Stevens’s goosebump-inducing smoky contralto and gorgeously dark and dreamlike lyrical narratives.

Copperhead’s eponymous debut in 2015 was called a “gorgeous, haunting thing of crackling beauty.” Their 2018 release Touch continued their musical evolution, sticking their toes into luscious Weimar Republic-style tinkling dissonance and deepening the echoing, unsettling beauty of their songs.

Biography by Kerry Clarke


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